First day of camp!

And a mother's helper too!  Mama is happy! 

I woke Ezra from his late nap too early, to pick up the big kids

Messages from above?

Is this the type of thing people see and it gives them faith?

Heart shadows cast by a protective construction area fence with fabric cut a certain way.

Temima the photographer

Crochet and Suncatchers

Temima woke up to a ball of wool, large crochet hook, and the beginning of a scarf in a newly sewn project bag this morning. She was very excited and finally mastered crochet! She's been at it all day long.  We also made sun catchers by baking pony beads. And rode, walked, and pushed our way to Michael's and home depot . We also used the hot glue gun to decorate Temima's canopy and finally put it up. we also picked some apples... too small to use but fun to pick.

Sugar cane!

Bought at the store just for fun... took a lot of arm, knife, and YouTube to access this sugar!

We also began reading Harry Potter this morning.  I made a plan for easier snacks during the week. We'll be heading out to an appointment soon. Ezra took a long nap which gave me time to focus on reading to the biggies. And we watches YouTube videos of kids playing with chuggington trains and ordered three for Shua.  He wants the mailman to bring them NOW!! Please.  We had eggs and french fries dipped in honey for lunch. One kid only ate fries the other only ate eggs.  I ate both!