attempted DIY fashion

I've been trying to create some clothing for myself this last little while.  I haven't braved a pattern yet, just experimenting with wide elastic waists and thrifted skirts or random fabric.  This was my second attempt.  My first being a very embarassing circle skirt that I will never post until I remake it into a better a-line skirt - Note to self - thick fabrics don't make flattering circle skirts.  This skirt was a Goodwill find.  The fabric looked very summery and light to me.  I liked the pattern enough.  It was one of those aweful skirts from who knows when, where the waist is teeny tiny but the skirt is a ton of fabric gathered up into that small waistband.  That meant there was plenty of fabric to play with.  I cut off the waist band first of all.  Then I cut out an a-line skirt shape, preserving as many seams as I could, plus the hem.  I cut the fabric so that the waist part would be only as wide as my hips.  Then I sewed it to a waistband elastic (exposed elastic is so easy!) which I first wrapped tightly around my waist.  I pinned it to the skirt at four points and just stretched as I sewed.  I should have have made it smaller, though, because the elastic stretched out a bit with wear.  Next, I unpicked a bit of stitching at the hem on each side, trimmed the fabric to give it a bit of curve upwards, and then folded over and restitched the hem.  That was it!  Now, the real test.  Is it at all stylish?  And what do you think of my corny modeling and self-photography via remote control?  I think I need to figure out what poses are flattering for me.  This was the best of the bunch.

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