a smidge of accidental sunshine

Who couldn't use a bit more sunshine these days, though? I had the camera on the wrong setting when I took these. I honestly don't know enough about my camera to know what happened - I stick with 'auto' and 'P' settings - but it sure was a happy surprise to find such sun-filled photos of these kiddos on my camera tonight. I was trying to get a shot of the pants I made for Shua from a thrifted pillow case. Its kind of hard to see, but I'm sure I'll get another shot, along with Temima's matching skirt, sometime soon.

This funny boy almost never leaves home without his hairband.  Isn't he cute?  Such a sweet face.  He loves to act and dress just like big sis, even in full-out ballerina costume with tutu and slippers.

As you can see, hose and buckets are still hard at work.  Children never seem to tire of water play.  Bathtubs, kitchen sinks, bowls of suds, cups filled to brim for blowing bubbles... and I'm pretty sure Shua will discover the toilet bowl water at some point.

I was hoping to have some meatier things to write about, along with the day-to-day record of our lives here at the Rocklin residence... but alas, I find my mind blank and at rest recently.  I'm sure heavier thoughts, or maybe some thoughts at all, will pop up sometime soon. 

And some news.... Bubbie Renee is coming to visit in a couple of weeks!  I wonder what would be special for the us all to do to get ready to welcome her... time to get creative, I think.

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