a happy mother's day

 I woke up this morning, after a rare restful night's sleep, to the sound of happy chatter between Temima and Joseph.  Getting up, I learned that Joseph had gotten up with her and they were talking in her bed.  What a lovely experience, to wake up naturally, without a child crying for me.  And that was the start of a lovely mother's day.  Next came the thoughtful gift; Joseph's first completely self directed gift-making decision (usually my sister gives him ideas).  The mug was only part, but the most meaningful.  It says "Shira Rocklin, Kid Tested, Father Approved."  For the morning we went to a drop-in play event being held along with an awesome clothing swap.

After that, I went out for lunch with my siblings, sans children, to celebrate our own mother, who passed away last year.  And then later on I went to the backyard with the kids for a little plain pasta picnic.  The blanket made it a picnic!
I noticed while we were out there that the leaves are really starting to grow now.   And I collected lots more dandelions for the pesto I hope to make and freeze for over the winter.

The hose and water proved to be great entertainment.  Temima watered the grass.

And the 'flowers.'

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