Election Day Canada!

Today we went to a school nearby so that I could vote in the Canadian elections.  I had talked with the children about what elections are, and why I was going to vote.  I explained it again while we were there, as they were curious again when they saw me put the ballot into the box. 

After that we went to Michael's to pick up some framed items, and look for some interesting things to play with.  The kids found these cute plastic stretchy pink pig things, and they also chose some balloons with a balloon pump, and I picked up a little cardboard clock for them.  I remember seeing Joseph try to explain clocks and time to Temima, so I thought he'd appreciate the clock.  While we were there I also remembered that I wanted to get folios to keep each kid's artwork, so I finally picked those up.  That's were the 40% off coupons came in handy! 

Then we went to Home Depot, where I asked about anchoring bookcases to a concrete wall, and bought some masonite to make a flannel board with.  Then on to Best Buy to ask about laptop recycling and watch big TV's.  Tangled was playing! 

When we got home, we played a lot, I sewed a bit, and made some dinner.  Cleaned, moved (and then put back) some furniture to try something out, etc.  The kids love to 'ride' on the sofas when I move them.  Pumping up balloons and letting them fly away was so much fun for them.  I attempted to make one balloon animal, a dog.  I think we missed lunch, but we had been snacking on chocolate cookie bars earlier on. 

Temima begged me to take a picture of her 'wings' (an upside down Ikea kids tent).  Shua couldn't resist jumping in front of the lens.

A nice day overall.  I feel good.  I especially liked the long walk to get to those stores.  I don't the kids realize that half my reason for going is for the nice walk. 

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