temima turns five

We celebrated Temima's birthday on Sunday.  I originally planned on a park party, but the weather didn't agree.  I think it went really well, despite the rain!  I didn't plan any particular activities, thinking the kids were still young enough to just play with our toys.  I was right about that.

My brother made Temima's cake.  Pink, Pink and moooooooore Pink.  Pink cake.  Pink icing.  Pink M&Ms.  Pink sprinkles.  Just as Temima requested.   Her birthday crown was made by me for her birthday last year!  I'm trying to start a tradition - each of our children will have their own birthday crown.  If you want to start a similar tradition in your own family, check out my shop for some lovely crowns.

Temima was very excited to open her presents.  I'm not sure if we've done that as part of a party before, but it sure was exciting.

Peter, my brother, and our mutual friend Zared, spent most of the party working on the TV system that Peter has loaned us.  We're trying out a full-size screen, and streaming video from the internet.  Kind of an awesome gift for Temima, who really likes a lot of kid shows these days.  I enjoy watching with the kids as well.  We often eat meals at our little-kid table while we watch. 

I think everyone had a good time!

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