the homeschool drop-in

We spent this afternoon at our local homeschool drop-in.  For any readers who are interested, its located at Wallace Emerson CC, Dufferin and Dupont, Thursdays 1-5PM (Toronto).  We were mostly out on the playground, because it was FINALLY SUNNY!!!  Yay!

Temima finally got my permission to remove her shoes in the sand.  I had said no until now, not knowing if I trusted the city to be keeping this particular park free of dangerous debris.  At our local park, and some others I've visited, I have come across broken glass and other dangerous-for-feet stuff in the sand or nearby grass, so I am wary until we've been going somewhere a while.  Given how many kids go barefoot at this playground, and how often we've been there without encountering anything in the sand, I felt its safe enough.  Temima was so happy to take off her shoes.  She hates hates hates sand in her sandals.

She really wanted to show me how she could climb up the big slide today.  I had to take a snapshot of it.  The kids lean out real far away from the slide as they climb... and my heart was a flutter watching her.

Shua owns that playground!  He started out with this little bike, trying to ride it up and down over big giant rocks, and taking it up onto the playground as well.  Later I saw him climbing super high ladders and going down a slide on his belly, over and over again.  At one point, I could see his legs trembling as he climbed a ladder.  Its amazing how he kept going even when his muscles were exhausted.  I love it.

And as usual, some regular friends were in attendance as well.  I think they all had fun playing together today.

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