a homeschool playdate

Last week on Friday we went out for a playdate with some new-to-homeschool friends.  Aiden is four years old (I think or maybe three?) and Angela is planning to homeschool him.  I had a great time talking about parenting, homeschooling, unschooling, and plenty of non-serious subjects as well... barefoot shoes, designer fabric sources, etc.  Thats Aiden's brother, Donovan (I hope I remembered correctly, because I'm horrible with names).

Our kids played well, sometimes crossing paths but often just doing their own things.  All of everyone else's kids were very into our sand-toys.  I'm not always sure how to address that, so I just try to gather them up in one spot once in a while.  Temima spun around in this spinny thing a few times.  I absolutely LOVE spinning in this thing.  It is SOOOO cool.

Angela was nice enough to take a photo of what I thought was a creative hairdo.  I've been looking at photos of creative 'dos for long hair, and a lot of them involve braids.  So I've been experimenting.  I don't think it looks great, but definitely interesting.  If anyone is interested, I got these beautiful earrings, made from vintage buttons, from Timeless Trinkets.

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